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IOP Victory Parade this Wednesday!

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

This Wednesday there will be an awesome IOP victory parade in light of the recent elections announcement.

Please come and celebrate the 144th Grand Marshal of RPI : Arthur Galpin.

Various signs will be available to carry for all who want them, or bring your own!

There will be a brief meet ‘n greet with Arthur at 12:45 at the commons fountain where he will down the GM tophat. The parade starts at 1pm and will follow the route shown in the picture posted below. It will end outside the union, where we hope to have music and free food and drinks.

Please RSVP on Facebook ( and spread the word!

IOP Parade Route

Zwack has gone too far.

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

So, I just saw one of  Zwack’s dweebish minions putting up MORE retarded Zwack posters.  Un-fucking-believable. Zwack is spending hundreds of dollars to make the RPI campus look retarded. And not to mention, he fed half the campus donuts on election day… add that with the banners and everything, and some say the cost of his campaign is in the thousands. At iop. we run things on a shoestring budget.  So far we’ve spent around at most $40 to buy the inflatable ninja whales and several rolls of masking tape. I would be putting up more iop. posters, but I’m out of masking tape and don’t feel like buying more. And at the moment everyone is pretty sick of seeing posters stuck all over campus.

I am debating whether to :

1. Organize a massive iop. postering campaign to totally dominate Zwack’s retarded posters with awesome iop. posters.

2. Let things run their course and not waste my time with this nonsense.

3. Sneak into Zwack’s office and sneak iop. propaganda into all his files.

4. Some other devious scheme. I am sick of hearing about these so-called “Zwacktions”. As Ben Hunt said recently “I don’t even know why he’s running again”. What audacity to think he deserves to be the first GM in RPI history to serve a second term.

In anycase I may soon be reaching a breaking point. Something needs to be done to end this nonsense.

*note: someone pointed out that his campaign finances are supposed to be in the public record. According to that record, he’s spent hundreds, not thousands.

Random Rocketry

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

From The Remarkable Rocket by Oscar Wilde:

“I had thoughts of entering public life once myself,” remarked the Duck; “there are so many things that need reforming. Indeed, I took the chair at a meeting some time ago, and we passed resolutions condemning everything that we did not like. However, they did not seem to have much effect.”

Sounds like RPI politics. If a duck can do it, why not an inflatable whale?
The Rocket from that story is an interesting character who ought to run for Student Senate next year. Or maybe he’d fit in with RNE.

Calhoun’s campaign

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

I have received some backlash from other iop. members for my post about Calhoun. Just to be clear: the post was not an official iop. endorsement and Paul Calhoun is not at all affiliated with iop. or supported by iop We don’t consider him an ally either. Also, my post was based on his actions up until the time of writing, and in light of his campaign video and other recent actions I have changed my mind about Calhoun and no longer support his campaign. In brief, I feel he is sophomoric and I wouldn’t want to see him in office.*  I also felt like the way he approached the RNE was silly and that he ended up hurting himself by antagonizing the RNE.  Even so, I will let my piece stand as it is since it highlights some of the things I liked about his campaign.

*even an office as pointless as Vice-President.


Accepted Student’s Day a Success

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Today I had a chance to meet a lot of accepted students. With bright sunny weather and a refreshing cool breeze, everyone was in good spirits. Next year I would like to see an iop. table at the accepted students’ celebration in the union. This year we managed to put up a small display and people were generally enthusiastic and supportive of the cause. Two inflatable ‘ninja-whales” emerged in the union, (one was donated to S&W) and some posters were put up.

It was nice to see students being so welcoming to the potential students. First impressions are really important and a good social experience can win over students who may be undecided. I just really hope that RPI student’s will stay as polite and friendly as they were today in the coming months and years. Some RPI clubs have a reputation of being closeted and clique-y, but today it seemed everyone who was interested was welcome.  In the past, I’ve heard students warning a lot about the ratio and a lot of loathing about problems on campus to the accepted students.  It’s good for potential students to know the problems and issues, but many of these students have already decided to come to RPI, and such complaining is not a good way to start them off. People should start off with a positive attitude and feel they are coming somewhere where people are friendly and generally happy.. even if it’s not exactly true, starting people off with a good mentality will help things change. Maybe I am just imagining it, but it seem that over the years the amount of “school spirit” has increased and now people are showing genuine support for RPI and RPI’s  “nerd culture” in all its various forms.   And, with regard to the number of girls I saw among the visitors, I was impressed!


- Akira

iop. Interviews Paul Calhoun

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

We’ve been intrigued by the witty posters from the “Hand Party” run by freshman Paul Calhoun. He is single-handily (no pun intended) giving iop. a run for our money, especially considering that we only have one new poster design this year. (About that — if you want to make a design, just email and we’ll send you the logos in .svg or whatever format you want). Anyways, with his keen sense of wit and humor, he is also causing quite a stir among the RNE.   I guess the lesson learned was that you can never disparage another candidate in any way (best yet, don’t even mention the other candidates), or there will be harsh sanctions imposed on your party.  Haris Khan is running the RNE this year, and he already has the reputation of being the Stalin of the RNE. Other candidates are complaining the RNE has too much unchecked power.  I think these claims are unsubstantiated, but I tend to agree. For instance, Calhoun was forced to remove nearly all of his posters because tape from some of his signs slightly overlapped other candidate’s signs.  The sign policy is serious shit, which is why iop. recommends following it.  Heck, a few years ago some iop. officers got taken to the Dean of Student’s office over the sign policy.

Anyways, the iop. interviewed Paul to hear what he had to say about the now infamous Hand Party:


Crazy Alumni Weekend

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Perhaps you saw some posters during student orientation this fall! (Welcome to the tute… take advantage of the free stuff!)

Anyways, on to the topic of this post.  It seems like a LOT of alumni showed up this weekend. Which raises the question, why would an alumnus want to come back to RPI? As much as we complain about RPI, they do throw one heck of an alumni weekend, for all those potential alumni that want to inflate their egos by donating to the institute. Its laughable how much money they poured into superficial events to impress potential donors. I arrived at the new Athletic fields to find a row of free-food stands stretching to the horizon. A live band played music as alumni gaped in awe at the new athletic facility. Free banners and posters were being distributed. Then, the alumni where shipped off on plush tours highlighting Dr. Jackson’s various achievements. Finally, the evening was topped off with an event at EMPAC, where visitors were treated to free food and beverages.

Hello RPI!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Welcome to the new IOP news area. For probably the first time, we’re using a real “content management system”. We’re still busy fixing CSS and tracking down and killing automatically created placeholders (annoying things). Appearance should improve soon.

Now take a break from studying and go do something useful. Find a problem that needs fixing and do something about it. It’s not going to go away if you ignore it, unless it’s all the snow and ice that the laid-off grounds crew has not cleared off the walkways- that will melt in a few months. We’ll be ranting about that soon enough.