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Join the iop.!

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Hello lesser mortals!

I have decided the time has come for a new manifesto – a call to arms for my next generation of supporters. First, here is a little history:

My earliest campaigns in 1997 fought against the uselessness of student government and the tyranny of the RPI administration. We protested the lack of student gov. involvement in things that matter and we protested the mandatory laptop program. We protested the uselessness and outright silliness of student elections and the GM position. We protested for freedom – freedom from oppression, freedom to have our voices heard, and freedom to choose the computer and operating systems we wanted.

Upon the arrival of Dr. Jackson in 1999, we protested the “Ren-suh-leer Plan” and the powerplays which shifted focus away from engineering and redirected massive amounts of funding to pet projects. We protested the way the grad students got screwed and the increased workloads on TAs. We protested the way laptop based classes ruined our education. We protested the lack of parking, increased tuition, the apathy of the student body and the continued uselessness of student government. We battled the wind, the rain and the RNE. We stood strong in the face of the naysayers and the idealists.

In 2007, we protested the disbanding of the faculty senate and in 2008 we continued to protest with ioperatives participating in a sit-in along with disgruntled faculty and peers. In 2009 we participated in the Uprise at 5! and protested layoffs, fiscal mismanagement, lack of fiscal transparency, the screwing of the RAs, the ridiculousness of the CLASS Initiative, and the free-speech fiasco with Wafaa Bilal.

Today, we have new things to protest: the destruction of the foreign language department and Dr. Jackson’s new feudal mansion. And we continue to campaign for student gov’t.  But we need renewed help and support.

There seems to be some confusion about what iop. is and what it stands for. First of all, it’s important to realize that I alone do not have complete control over the iop. While I am the main candidate and figurehead and am able to rally supporters and control many aspects of campus life, I do not and cannot control what the ioperatives do. But this is all part of my master plan. The iop is sometimes referred to as having a “cellular” organization structure. Each cell is run independently by a different group of ioperatives. The structure I am involved in is perhaps the most “official” but not necessarily the only one. The cellular structure is part of my plan because it means that if one cell disbands the organization will still carry on in other cells.

Here are the three important goals of iop today:

Fight the oppressors! The iop. can be thought of as an anarchist or minarchist organization. The iop believes inanimate objects can do a better job then people and we stand by that.

Hack! We like to hack and pull off awesome publicity stunts.

Be absurd! Even with all our serious plans and philosophizing, the iop. remains and should remain an absurdest organization.

I am looking for people to join the iop!!

If you are interested in joining please email arthur (at )

Ioperatives will be planning and organizing my 2010 campaign.

Notably unstable,

Arthur Galpin

Future Grand Marshall and De-Facto Emperor of RPI.

Let the 2010 campaign begin!

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Greetings students of RPI!

I arrived a few days behind schedule, but I was happy to see that my supporters have already placed signs around campus in my support.

I have taken a long break from the campaign trail starting last fall. This was in part to avoid the bleak Troy winter, but also to allow for careful meditation on the future of IOP. Through my personal voyage I have glimpsed infinite vistas of possibility that lay in the future. I also spent some time chillin with RPI students in the Bahamas during spring break.

This marks the 13th consecutive year of my campaign and I am confident that with renewed support it will be the best yet.

I can already tell that from a postering point of view this year’s campaign will be tough, though.   Never before have so many posters  swamped the campaign grounds so early in the campaign season.  Never before has there been so much ostentation, excess and waste.  I am happy that my supporters tend to pride themselves in quality over quantity. I know from past experience that anti-IOP agents from the RNE and other parties will maliciously hunt down our posters.  For this reason, I recommend following the sign policy (in short, use masking tape and don’t be a jerk).

Two new parties have arisen : The Vector Party and the Hands Party.  It is laughable how quickly political groups come and go on this campus, while the IOP has remained steadfast through these many years.  Apart from the new names, there is not much fundamentally new about these parties, but I will probably have more to say on them in the near future. Stay tuned for future updates!!

Arthur Galpin
Future Grand Marshal and De Facto Emperor of RPI

April 1st message from Arthur

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Greetings inhabitants of RPI.

It feels good to be inflated again, though I have appeared in an odd place this time. Still, the top of the CII is an excellent place from which to survey my new domain. How small and puny all you animate objects look from here.

Less than 24 hours…

Arthur Galpin
Future Grand Marshal and Emperor of RPI