Uprise at 5!

The hour has come.

Its arrival is a complicated situation. You may have heard that compensation for RA’s has been decreased. It seems that it was also decided not to hire rising freshmen. Unfortunately, no one remembered to tell ResLife until the hiring process was nearly complete. Many RA’s are quite upset, and the Student Senate finally got upset too. They finally got sick of the opacity and deception and decided to do something.

This afternoon at 5, a large group of students will rally in front of Russell Sage Dining Hall. We will be attempting to present our concerns to the Board of Trustees.

This may very well be the most important thing that has happened at RPI in ten years. Be there. Save our school.

More details will follow if no one kills me.

3 Responses to “Uprise at 5!”

  1. Barker Kelly says:

    http://lion.puttynuts.com/~sam/ Pictures from the event, looks like 200-400+ people.

  2. Barker Kelly says:

    Those pictures also have shots of the Board of Trustees members that attended, as well as SAJ herself.

  3. elwin says:

    Thanks for the links. Mind if I use the pictures here?

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