Accepted Student’s Day a Success

Today I had a chance to meet a lot of accepted students. With bright sunny weather and a refreshing cool breeze, everyone was in good spirits. Next year I would like to see an iop. table at the accepted students’ celebration in the union. This year we managed to put up a small display and people were generally enthusiastic and supportive of the cause. Two inflatable ‘ninja-whales” emerged in the union, (one was donated to S&W) and some posters were put up.

It was nice to see students being so welcoming to the potential students. First impressions are really important and a good social experience can win over students who may be undecided. I just really hope that RPI student’s will stay as polite and friendly as they were today in the coming months and years. Some RPI clubs have a reputation of being closeted and clique-y, but today it seemed everyone who was interested was welcome.  In the past, I’ve heard students warning a lot about the ratio and a lot of loathing about problems on campus to the accepted students.  It’s good for potential students to know the problems and issues, but many of these students have already decided to come to RPI, and such complaining is not a good way to start them off. People should start off with a positive attitude and feel they are coming somewhere where people are friendly and generally happy.. even if it’s not exactly true, starting people off with a good mentality will help things change. Maybe I am just imagining it, but it seem that over the years the amount of “school spirit” has increased and now people are showing genuine support for RPI and RPI’s  “nerd culture” in all its various forms.   And, with regard to the number of girls I saw among the visitors, I was impressed!


- Akira

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