Calhoun’s campaign

I have received some backlash from other iop. members for my post about Calhoun. Just to be clear: the post was not an official iop. endorsement and Paul Calhoun is not at all affiliated with iop. or supported by iop We don’t consider him an ally either. Also, my post was based on his actions up until the time of writing, and in light of his campaign video and other recent actions I have changed my mind about Calhoun and no longer support his campaign. In brief, I feel he is sophomoric and I wouldn’t want to see him in office.*  I also felt like the way he approached the RNE was silly and that he ended up hurting himself by antagonizing the RNE.  Even so, I will let my piece stand as it is since it highlights some of the things I liked about his campaign.

*even an office as pointless as Vice-President.


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