Zwack has gone too far.

So, I just saw one of  Zwack’s dweebish minions putting up MORE retarded Zwack posters.  Un-fucking-believable. Zwack is spending hundreds of dollars to make the RPI campus look retarded. And not to mention, he fed half the campus donuts on election day… add that with the banners and everything, and some say the cost of his campaign is in the thousands. At iop. we run things on a shoestring budget.  So far we’ve spent around at most $40 to buy the inflatable ninja whales and several rolls of masking tape. I would be putting up more iop. posters, but I’m out of masking tape and don’t feel like buying more. And at the moment everyone is pretty sick of seeing posters stuck all over campus.

I am debating whether to :

1. Organize a massive iop. postering campaign to totally dominate Zwack’s retarded posters with awesome iop. posters.

2. Let things run their course and not waste my time with this nonsense.

3. Sneak into Zwack’s office and sneak iop. propaganda into all his files.

4. Some other devious scheme. I am sick of hearing about these so-called “Zwacktions”. As Ben Hunt said recently “I don’t even know why he’s running again”. What audacity to think he deserves to be the first GM in RPI history to serve a second term.

In anycase I may soon be reaching a breaking point. Something needs to be done to end this nonsense.

*note: someone pointed out that his campaign finances are supposed to be in the public record. According to that record, he’s spent hundreds, not thousands.

2 Responses to “Zwack has gone too far.”

  1. Paul says:

    I have some leftover masking tape from my campaign…

  2. Arthur Galpin says:

    Thanks for the offer Paul.. I’m set though since I got more for my parade.

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