It’s not just the RA’s

The event that immediately triggered the Uprise was the decision not to hire freshmen as RA’s and the poor method used to communicate this decision. But this is not the only failure the Uprise meant to address, or anywhere near the main one. Here’s a long list, taken from the Student Senate’s demands:

  • Closure of the Wafaa Bilal exhibit
  • Dissolution of the Faculty Senate
  • Failure to disclose key details of the CLASS initiative during planning phases
  • Changes to Residence Life compensation packages and hiring processes
  • Removal of student representation on the Rensselaer Board of Trustees
  • Eighty staff layoffs
  • Inability to communicate regarding planned changes to Greek Life
  • Lack of transparency in the establishment of annual housing cost increases

This list only goes back three years because that’s as far as any of us can remember. For a few older items, go dig around here.

I will be quite surprised if there are not more items to add soon. For example, it seems clinical and adjunct faculty in several departments will not be rehired. This will mean several courses will no longer be offered, such as foreign languages and Beginning C. Of course, there is no official word on the topic yet, so it’s all still rumor. See the problem?

My point? What’s going on now is a lot bigger than what sort of RA’s there will be next year. We’re trying to get some much larger problems fixed. We’re trying to save our school.

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