The Week has begun

GM Week officially started last Friday, but things are beginning to happen.  Primary elections are scheduled for today, but none of the positions seem to have enough candidates to require a primary.  At least RNE hasn’t made any announcements or taken down any candidate posters near the polling locations.

Once again, the animate candidates’ posters are a boring collection.  No wonder Zwack’s campaign is going badly; his signs are all the same and don’t tell you much other than his name.  Hunt has some eye-catching graphics, but his signs don’t give much information besides names either.  Some of the unaffiliated candidates are being slightly more informative.  Tablante’s gummy bear army is neat, except this is the third year he’s used it.

So once again, it’s up to Arthur Galpin to bring you fresh, creative, informative campaign posters.  Visit our poster gallery and take note of Arthur’s endorsement from Stephen Van Rensselaer. If you like them, print a few up and support your favorite inanimate candidates.

Finally, a fork salute to whomever put up the signs on behalf of NOBODY. Very funny, excellent RPI spirit.

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