Report from Pizza with the Cabinet

Just got out of Pizza with the Cabinet. This is the first pizza event or Town Hall meeting or similar event I can remember that wasn’t scheduled for when I had class. There was food, about 50 students, and eight or ten administrators present. Most of the time was devoted to questions from the audience which were answered by the people in charge of the relevant department.

The people at RPInsider should have an article up momentarily, and the Poly will probably cover it in detail next week, so I will just mention what I thought were a few important points.

First, the Provost and others are working on creating some type of replacement language program. The current ideas under consideration are credit-transfer agreements with nearby schools and immersive programs such as faculty-led trips to foreign countries.

Also, many students seem to be worried that mandatory study abroad programs will make it difficult to fulfil their curriculum requirements. Dr. Knowles explained that studying abroad does not necessarily mean spending one semester at another school. A summer program or shorter trip will also meet the requirement.

The event generally went well, and I hope this type of meeting continues to happen. It’s an improvement.

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