Crazy Alumni Weekend

Perhaps you saw some posters during student orientation this fall! (Welcome to the tute… take advantage of the free stuff!)

Anyways, on to the topic of this post.  It seems like a LOT of alumni showed up this weekend. Which raises the question, why would an alumnus want to come back to RPI? As much as we complain about RPI, they do throw one heck of an alumni weekend, for all those potential alumni that want to inflate their egos by donating to the institute. Its laughable how much money they poured into superficial events to impress potential donors. I arrived at the new Athletic fields to find a row of free-food stands stretching to the horizon. A live band played music as alumni gaped in awe at the new athletic facility. Free banners and posters were being distributed. Then, the alumni where shipped off on plush tours highlighting Dr. Jackson’s various achievements. Finally, the evening was topped off with an event at EMPAC, where visitors were treated to free food and beverages.

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