Let the 2010 campaign begin!

Greetings students of RPI!

I arrived a few days behind schedule, but I was happy to see that my supporters have already placed signs around campus in my support.

I have taken a long break from the campaign trail starting last fall. This was in part to avoid the bleak Troy winter, but also to allow for careful meditation on the future of IOP. Through my personal voyage I have glimpsed infinite vistas of possibility that lay in the future. I also spent some time chillin with RPI students in the Bahamas during spring break.

This marks the 13th consecutive year of my campaign and I am confident that with renewed support it will be the best yet.

I can already tell that from a postering point of view this year’s campaign will be tough, though.   Never before have so many posters  swamped the campaign grounds so early in the campaign season.  Never before has there been so much ostentation, excess and waste.  I am happy that my supporters tend to pride themselves in quality over quantity. I know from past experience that anti-IOP agents from the RNE and other parties will maliciously hunt down our posters.  For this reason, I recommend following the sign policy (in short, use masking tape and don’t be a jerk).

Two new parties have arisen : The Vector Party and the Hands Party.  It is laughable how quickly political groups come and go on this campus, while the IOP has remained steadfast through these many years.  Apart from the new names, there is not much fundamentally new about these parties, but I will probably have more to say on them in the near future. Stay tuned for future updates!!

Arthur Galpin
Future Grand Marshal and De Facto Emperor of RPI

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  1. Haris Khan says:

    Hello Mr. Galpin. I wanted to let you know that your posters on the handrail were not only a RNE violation but a normal sign policy violation. I took those down. I welcome your candidacy, as long as you follow the rules.

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