Annoucing Arthur’s Find the Whales Challenge!

I’m excited to announce a new campaign stunt being run this year: Arthur’s Find the Whales Challenge.

During the next week, baby ninja whales will appear at various strategic locations around campus. So far, 3 whales are already among us. Currently these whales are not very big, so they might be a bit tricky to spot.

During the course of this event you may also notice other aquatic creatures that have come to campus in support of Arthur.

How many can you find? Feel free to take pictures and post them on our facebook group.

NOTE: This is considered a public art display, and these whales should remain on display until 4/15/10. If by any chance you should find a whale on the ground, we would like to collect them in the fountain on commons hill. This is in preparation for the arrival of Arthur Galpin and the grand finale of the 2010 Galpin campaign, which will likely take place on commons hill near the end of GM Week.

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