Annoucing Arthur’s Find the Whales Challenge!

March 24th, 2010

I’m excited to announce a new campaign stunt being run this year: Arthur’s Find the Whales Challenge.

During the next week, baby ninja whales will appear at various strategic locations around campus. So far, 3 whales are already among us. Currently these whales are not very big, so they might be a bit tricky to spot.

During the course of this event you may also notice other aquatic creatures that have come to campus in support of Arthur.

How many can you find? Feel free to take pictures and post them on our facebook group.

NOTE: This is considered a public art display, and these whales should remain on display until 4/15/10. If by any chance you should find a whale on the ground, we would like to collect them in the fountain on commons hill. This is in preparation for the arrival of Arthur Galpin and the grand finale of the 2010 Galpin campaign, which will likely take place on commons hill near the end of GM Week.

Let the 2010 campaign begin!

March 19th, 2010

Greetings students of RPI!

I arrived a few days behind schedule, but I was happy to see that my supporters have already placed signs around campus in my support.

I have taken a long break from the campaign trail starting last fall. This was in part to avoid the bleak Troy winter, but also to allow for careful meditation on the future of IOP. Through my personal voyage I have glimpsed infinite vistas of possibility that lay in the future. I also spent some time chillin with RPI students in the Bahamas during spring break.

This marks the 13th consecutive year of my campaign and I am confident that with renewed support it will be the best yet.

I can already tell that from a postering point of view this year’s campaign will be tough, though.   Never before have so many posters  swamped the campaign grounds so early in the campaign season.  Never before has there been so much ostentation, excess and waste.  I am happy that my supporters tend to pride themselves in quality over quantity. I know from past experience that anti-IOP agents from the RNE and other parties will maliciously hunt down our posters.  For this reason, I recommend following the sign policy (in short, use masking tape and don’t be a jerk).

Two new parties have arisen : The Vector Party and the Hands Party.  It is laughable how quickly political groups come and go on this campus, while the IOP has remained steadfast through these many years.  Apart from the new names, there is not much fundamentally new about these parties, but I will probably have more to say on them in the near future. Stay tuned for future updates!!

Arthur Galpin
Future Grand Marshal and De Facto Emperor of RPI

Crazy Alumni Weekend

October 6th, 2009

Perhaps you saw some posters during student orientation this fall! (Welcome to the tute… take advantage of the free stuff!)

Anyways, on to the topic of this post.  It seems like a LOT of alumni showed up this weekend. Which raises the question, why would an alumnus want to come back to RPI? As much as we complain about RPI, they do throw one heck of an alumni weekend, for all those potential alumni that want to inflate their egos by donating to the institute. Its laughable how much money they poured into superficial events to impress potential donors. I arrived at the new Athletic fields to find a row of free-food stands stretching to the horizon. A live band played music as alumni gaped in awe at the new athletic facility. Free banners and posters were being distributed. Then, the alumni where shipped off on plush tours highlighting Dr. Jackson’s various achievements. Finally, the evening was topped off with an event at EMPAC, where visitors were treated to free food and beverages.

Report from Pizza with the Cabinet

April 9th, 2009

Just got out of Pizza with the Cabinet. This is the first pizza event or Town Hall meeting or similar event I can remember that wasn’t scheduled for when I had class. There was food, about 50 students, and eight or ten administrators present. Most of the time was devoted to questions from the audience which were answered by the people in charge of the relevant department.

The people at RPInsider should have an article up momentarily, and the Poly will probably cover it in detail next week, so I will just mention what I thought were a few important points.

First, the Provost and others are working on creating some type of replacement language program. The current ideas under consideration are credit-transfer agreements with nearby schools and immersive programs such as faculty-led trips to foreign countries.

Also, many students seem to be worried that mandatory study abroad programs will make it difficult to fulfil their curriculum requirements. Dr. Knowles explained that studying abroad does not necessarily mean spending one semester at another school. A summer program or shorter trip will also meet the requirement.

The event generally went well, and I hope this type of meeting continues to happen. It’s an improvement.

Pizza with the Cabinet tomorrow

April 8th, 2009

Most of Dr. Jackson’s Cabinet will be meeting tomorrow (Thursday Apr. 9) to eat pizza and talk to students. This event will take place from 6 to 8 in the evening, in Russell Sage Dining Hall. As sometimes happens with such events, it has not been publicized well, so I am giving them some help.

If you are wondering what is going on or will soon go on at your school, you should show up. If you don’t have any questions, listen and learn something about how things work around here.

Elections today!

April 2nd, 2009

Turn out and vote for Arthur Galpin, for Grand Marshal and any other position.

If you are quite certain that an animate candidate would do a better job than an inflatable whale, voting for them is better than not voting at all.

Hopefully this will be an orderly election unmarred by Judicial Board intervention or emergency campus closings.

April 1st message from Arthur

April 1st, 2009

Greetings inhabitants of RPI.

It feels good to be inflated again, though I have appeared in an odd place this time. Still, the top of the CII is an excellent place from which to survey my new domain. How small and puny all you animate objects look from here.

Less than 24 hours…

Arthur Galpin
Future Grand Marshal and Emperor of RPI

The Week has begun

March 30th, 2009

GM Week officially started last Friday, but things are beginning to happen.  Primary elections are scheduled for today, but none of the positions seem to have enough candidates to require a primary.  At least RNE hasn’t made any announcements or taken down any candidate posters near the polling locations.

Once again, the animate candidates’ posters are a boring collection.  No wonder Zwack’s campaign is going badly; his signs are all the same and don’t tell you much other than his name.  Hunt has some eye-catching graphics, but his signs don’t give much information besides names either.  Some of the unaffiliated candidates are being slightly more informative.  Tablante’s gummy bear army is neat, except this is the third year he’s used it.

So once again, it’s up to Arthur Galpin to bring you fresh, creative, informative campaign posters.  Visit our poster gallery and take note of Arthur’s endorsement from Stephen Van Rensselaer. If you like them, print a few up and support your favorite inanimate candidates.

Finally, a fork salute to whomever put up the signs on behalf of NOBODY. Very funny, excellent RPI spirit.

Carpe Fenestram

March 17th, 2009

GM Week campaigning officially began at 8 AM this morning. We’re already hard at work for Arthur’s election attempt, but the animate candidates, as usual, are off to a slow start.

We apologize if some of our signs are stupid or make no sense. We printed up the wrong batch by mistake. Expect a new round of creative posters later this week.

Comments on a General Message

March 4th, 2009

Our president has sent out a general e-mail explaining what’s going on. I’m not sure if it is related to the Uprise or if it was planned anyway. If you don’t have a copy in your inbox, RPInsider has posted the text.

I’m only slightly pleased by the report, though if it is a first step toward more transparency, it should be encouraged. I’m glad that “we do not anticipate any further reductions in force”, though this does not rule out more layoffs. We are all reminded that past layoffs (”proactive steps we have taken”) has resulted in “the smallest tuition increase since 1996″, which is still 3.1 percent. I suspect the recent drop in inflation rates could have something to do with it as well. (Tuition historically increases faster than average income for almost all schools, not just RPI.)

There’s an ominous line under the Academic Enterprise section:

In keeping with our goal of building the long-term academic strength of Rensselaer, we are moving away from hiring faculty on a temporary basis from year to year. This means that more of the responsibility for the curriculum and course offerings must be assumed by the tenured and tenure-track faculty.

This is referring to the non-renewal of contracts for various clinical and adjunct faculty. You may have read about this in S&W; I plan to rant about it here soon.

The message goes on to restate the plans for modifying student life. I will rant about that too at some time in the near future.

While it’s nice to get some explanation of what’s going on, I want to remind everyone that that’s not all the student body is currently looking for. For quite some time now, we have first heard about plans affecting us after they were finalized. That’s what the Uprise was about, and that’s what needs changing. Some attempt to gauge general opinion and use it as a factor in the decision process would be a good beginning.

As the new posters say, “How can listening to students possibly be so hard?”