IOP Posters

Sticking up posters all over campus is what the IOP is best known for. These black and white signs turn up whenever Arthur Galpin is running for something, or whenever we feel like it. Print them yourself, put them up, and scare some animate objects!


If you are going to put up signs, you should be familiar with the Institute sign policies; does not currently advise civil disobedience. Simply put, you may put signs on the various sign boards around campus. You may also tape them to the CII, the DCC, and the JEC. Duct tape should only be used on brick surfaces. You used to be able to attach signs to the footbridge railings, but the people who run the election don't like that anymore. You cannot put signs in the Union building unless the Union approves them, and they are not likely to approve IOP signs. Posting signs on most academic buildings, the Commons, and the Freshman Hill dorms is not permitted except during campaigning season. Putting up signs inside your dorm requires permission from your RA.

In addition, any sign must give contact information for whoever posted it, and a date when it can be taken down. Having "" in the corner satisfies the contact requirement. For the takedown requirement, write a date on a corner when you put it up. This date should be the day 15 days after the sign is posted.

As for the technical side, these posters are generally monochrome PNG images which can be easily printed at any campus printer, though using your own printer is recommended. When putting them up, remember that the campus is usually windy. Poorly secured signs can easily be blown away. There are certain strategic locations where signs are more visible; try to take advantage of these.

IOP Logo

Our official logo.

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GM Week 2014

Just when most needed, the IOP is back, with new posters!

Awareness Compete With That Dependability History Just Funny Might As Well One Whale

GM Week 2010

These posters are new for this year.

Absurdly Boring Little Hats Ron Paul X Product

GM Week 2009

These posters were created during Spring 2009. They are still useful.

befearless.png cantdoit.png howhard.png boldalby.png justfunny.png mock.png onewhale.png priceful.png votearthur.png whynot.png zombie.png 500000.png funsite.png stopbells.png amos.png folsom.png george.png palmer.png sage.png stephen.png

Older Posters

These posters were created during 2008 or earlier. They are still worth printing up.

boldalby.png justfunny.png mockvote.png onewhale.png priceful11.png votearthur.png whynot.png snowstorm.png 11.png priceful.png youonly.png

Outdated Posters

These posters use the old domain name "", and most are intended for events that have already happened. They should probably be modified before use, if they are useful at all.

ruready.png boring.png justfunnyGM.png norecount.png voice.png AlbyPU.png fees.png retake.png trust.png mock.png silly.png write.png priceless.png